Launch of Kingston's 145th Anniversary as capital City of Jamaica

His Worship the Mayor of Kingston Senator Delroy Williams is urging citizens including investors to demonstrate their faith in the future development of Jamaica’s capital.

He was recently addressing the 145th Anniversary commemoration of the City of Kingston, in the St. William Grant Park, downtown.

“The question then is can your city depend on you? Can your city depend on you to rebuild? To invest? To innovate? To create? Are you willing to help to transform and be a trailblazer?

“The theme for the launch expresses the hope that should be etched in the hearts of all residents going forward; "connecting the past, building the future,” said the Mayor, echoing the theme of the campaign to make Kingston the Pearl
of the Caribbean.

The Mayor recounted Kingston’s great past noting that not many of today’s citizens w of the journey to achieve capital city status and the many obstacles that had to be overcome.

“If we do not know where we are starting from, then we have no true idea of how far we have come. This year, Kingston boasts 145 years as the capital of Jamaica but what do we know of that journey?

“What many do not know is the journey it took to become the capital. A journey of rebuilding, investing, innovating, creating, transforming and trail blazing. When all else is being destroyed, let us be careful that these foundations still stand…Today is a momentous occasion that perhaps under different circumstances would be downplayed or berated. But if our motto stands true, that we are a city which hath foundations, then we must be able to celebrate and adequately articulate after 145 years what those foundations are,” said Mayor Williams.

He also impressed on citizens and other stakeholders to lay a foundation that will make the work of those who will follow easier.

“It will not always be easy to do and at times it will not always be the popular opinion, however if we are to achieve the vision of making Kingston to capital of the Caribbean, the Apex of the Antilles; then there will be tough decisions that have to be made,” he declared.

Reiterating that the New York Times had recently listed Kingston as among the top 52 places to go in 2017, Mayor Williams noted that the rest of the world recognized Kingston’s greatness and attractiveness, while many of its citizens did not.

“The most basic responsibility lies with us as the citizens to keep our city appealing. Kingston is depending on you to represent her well. That means protecting her reputation, cultivating her beauty, restoring her assets and above all preserving her legacy. This is a great responsibility, but I believe we have the foundations to bear it. The municipality will play our part to put proper structures in place; as stakeholders in the city, the rest is up to you,” he exhorted.