Kingston's Mayor to expedite Redevelopment of Ward Theatre

His Worship the Mayor of Kingston, Senator and Councillor Delroy Williams, recently toured the historic Ward Theatre in downtown Kingston, to determine what is required to rehabilitate the Kingston landmark.

It was established that some US $6 million is needed to restore the historic venue which include authentic decor and fittings, as well as air conditioning and other infrastructure.

Mayor Williams will be appointing an advisory panel with the required expertise to expedite the restoration which has languished for some time.

The initiative forms part of efforts to fast track the redevelopment and rebranding of the capital City.

Mayor Williams noted that the historic and creative values of Kingston must be leveraged and said he believes that more emphasis should be placed on Kingston as a world leader in sport, tourism and other aspects of our culture such as its heritage sites, music and food.

He notes that Kingston can be the capital city of the Caribbean if all stakeholders work together.